The Sunday Experience

What can I expect?

Deacons Loren and Randy will greet you at the door with a smile, a handshake, and a bulletin. You’ll meet church members as you walk in the sanctuary. Have a seat and open the bulletin. Inside, you’ll find the “Order of Worship” including the songs we’ll sing during the service and the title of Pastor Jim’s message. You’ll also find the announcements for the week. On the back of the bulletin, you’ll find the “Responsive Reading” that will be led by Pastor Todd.

At the front of the church, you’ll see the band (we call them the Praise Team!) There is an overhead screen that shows the song lyrics and the bible verses Pastor Jim will reference during his sermon. On the back of the pew in front of you, you’ll find a welcome card. Fill it out and hand it to any church member or place it in the offering plate.

The Worship Service starts promptly at 11 AM. After singing, Pastor Jim brings the Word of God. Kids have an opportunity to go to Children’s Church at this time. We have four very special ladies who teach the kids about Jesus while the adults listen to the message. Pastor Jim makes it point to get to the point and his sermon rarely goes past 12 noon. Sometimes we have special events when we’ll have lunch and fellowship after service.

If you are interested in getting even more out of your Sunday experience, join us for Sunday school. Classes start at 10 AM and end just before the Worship Service begins.

The first Sunday of each month, we take Communion. We do this to remember the price Christ paid for us on the cross. The Bible says we are to continue to take the bread and wine until He returns (1 Cor 11:26b).